Seren thoughts

of poetic ripples

Foreword by Eminent Poets & Writers (Seren thoughts)
  • Alexander Orok - NIGERIA

  • Alexey Yakovtsev - UKRAINE

    Alexey Yakovtsev from Odessa, is a New Age spiritual researcher, mystic & educationalist who lives, self-sufficient on the land, in a forest village deep in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, with his wife, Maria, their educational project being called The Sothis Programme, their emblem, the Dog-star

    F O R E W O R D

    If you intend to read T. Ashok Chakravarthy's verses in the way that we have got used to reading any book, you will be disappointed. Moreover, your employment will seem to you to be an empty expenditure of time, you will miss out and ask yourselves, why you still read on, instead of interrupting this employment. But try to read these verses by the soul. More correctly, it is not necessary to read them, they need to be felt. Yes, yes, just by the soul…
    And at first you will not feel anything. A little later you are surprised to feel unfamiliar internal sensations, if the dialogue with the soul is not familiar yet to you. But then you will be dipped into the world of the soul.
    You will see no longer a boy, but not yet a youth. Then it will be the young man searching by love and light. Here he already imagines, with what he would like to see the future. With what it should be to like all. But how to achieve this? This remains an insoluble riddle …
    And the shadows, which are around, again lean on the man. They are different, but there are a lot of them, and this is our today's life. Life in a shadow and in shadows. And there is only hope for man today. Hope and dreams. But is that all there is and nothing more?
    But what still remains for the man in this world without pure water and air, when the people destroy all around themselves, and even similarly themselves, where the people are pleased and dance because there are millions of those like them as they suffer from the wars, begun by themselves. Again there are shadows and gloom; also dawn is not visible. And still that loneliness of a man surrounded with other people.
    It is terrible, but it is harden. Because the man has an opportunity to see, that one-sole thing in this world that remains constant. This is a hope …
    This book represents a philosophy of life. You see each man has a philosophy. Only not all of us are capable to stating it. Anyway, this is one more point of view, one more picture of the world, in which we live and of man in this world. And of the world inside man. And it is perfectly, because, the more people are able to describe this world, the more real it will become in our eyes. The more close we shall appear to that, tomorrow's world, which is so promised because there are no wars, injustice, famine and violence in it, because man lives in Light and Love in it.

    So, chose: this philosophy of life can give a good lesson and basis for several following steps in the searches of the soul in each of you. And even if this is not pleasant to you, - be not afflicted. You can tell yourselves, that T. Ashok Chakravarthy has helped you to investigate one more hiding place of your alter egos where you were not yet, and where you have not found the light of the soul. Then it is necessary to thank the author and to continue your searches in the other directions, understanding nevertheless that any small particle has increased your individual experience with this book. And, the means, the time is not lost by the gift.
    Well, but if the world of your soul has opened up to you, while you read this book, it means, that T. Ashok Chakravarthy has presented you what is most precious, that is being a man in this world. He has presented himself for you and that is a Divine gift!

    Light and Love,
    Alexey Yakovtsev
    U K R A I N E

  • Bernard M. Jackson - united kingdom

    International poet – Review-writer

    Throughout my many years of close literary association with India’s burgeoning poetry movement, it has been my privilege as a recognized review writer to be an intimate sharer of the dreams, ambitions and fervent aspirations of so many rising poets of an extensively changing national environment.  But even more than that, I have time and again been deeply touched by the genuine sensitivity of emotion evinced by so many of Mother India’s worthy sons and daughters, and have been constantly aware of an often-shared powerful vein of spiritual urgency and intent, at the very core of such estimable writings.  It was therefore with open readiness that I welcomed the initial draft of Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy’s current collection of poems.  And though it had been by the merest chance that the writer had managed to locate my home-address, it would seem that we had been, indeed, destined to make one another’s literary acquaintance.

    Now, after having read and deeply appreciated the fine selection of poems here contained, I can honestly say that Ashok is no longer a total stranger to me; rather he is to be considered as a fellow-poet, an eloquent dreamer, a spiritual idealist whose writings I greatly admire for the universality and heartfelt concern for humanity – regardless of creed, race or color.  Hailing from the bustling great city of Hyderabad, poet / author / translator and essayist, Ashok Chakravarthy has intensified his efforts in the composition of poetry on an increasing level in the ensuing period.  His being conferred with D.Litt (Doctor of Literature) by the prestigious World Academy of Arts and Culture, USA., reflect the quality he possess.


    In conclusion, I feel I really must pay due tribute to those fine words contained in Ashok’s excellent poem, The Right Place :

    Let us resolve to build peaceful environs
    With sincere efforts and trust-filled visions.
    Let us curb the tendencies of violence,
    Choosing the paths of peace and tolerance.
    Let us unite, irrespective of case and creed,
    Aiming to accomplish universal brotherhood.

    Here, then is a poet of great integrity, a writer who truly evinces universal appeal.

    Bernard M. Jackson
    International Poet /
    Review Writer
  • Dr. Ernesto Kahan, MD MPH Israel
    Dr. Ernesto Kahan, MD MPH Head of Epidemiology
    Department of Family Medicine
    Tel Aviv University
    I S R A E L

    - Vice President-World Congress of Poets - World Academy of Arts and Culture (Approved by UNESCO)
    - President-Israel Physicians for Peace and Preservation of the Environment and Co-Vice President of IPPNW.
    - Vice President-IFLAC (The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace)

    F O R E W O R D

    The poetry of Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy is enormously suggested. It is a permanent invitation to open the door of our heart to reach

    The delicate flowers...
    The rainy showers... T
    he twinkling stars ...
    The rotund moon...
    Thoughts flocked...
    Illusions swooped...

    He is a real poet, a polite, reliable, honorable and colorful, just like a garden of flowers. He is telling you his world feelings, plain of imagination, approach of love, peace and harmony. Deeper intuitions
    Something I should ignite
    Something I ought to write
    This dark night, if not
    Shatter my thoughts might.I like his lovely poetry and feel very much touched by his message and soul!
    I know him since many years always as an active and enthusiastic member of the movement of the World Congress of Poets under the auspices of the World Academy of Arts and Culture and in the IFLAC (The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace). His poetry is a friendly attitude to our life in peace in our Mother Earth: To some extent, let optimism prevail.

    Ernesto Kahan, MD MPH

  • Maria Cristina Azcona - Argentina

    Maria Cristina Azcona

    Maria Cristina Azcona is a bilingual writer and poetess whose work has been recognized worldwide and translated into many languages. She has authored four books in Argentina, and hundreds of poems and articles in international literary journals. She is also a freelance Peace Expert for UNESCO EOLSS Encyclopedia, Director in Argentina for the IFLAC, International Forum for a Literature and a Culture of Peace. Also she is Director and Founder of Bilingual MCA, Bilingual Poets and Writers for Peace, where         Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy is an honored member. ==================================================================Foreword to the Book of poetry by Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthyby Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina

    This book written by the virtuous hand of the talented poet Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, brings us to mysterious spaces existing between Nature and Society, Human Soul and Fate

    “The inevitable fate
    Cannot be evaded

    But …The intolerable hunger
    Is enforced to bear
    But the essence of peace
    Is still elusive as ever.”

    This magisterial approach to Peace lyrics, finds its route towards the most exquisite expression, through the fantastic bridge of the author’s brilliancy. He is aware of the obscurity and lightness in human souls, while he constructs beautiful metaphors that polarize Nature and Society, Destiny and Self -determination, Youth hood and Maturity, Peace and War, pearls of wisdom among the ashes of the dissolute civilization. Post-modernism has swallowed cultural meanings and covered them with a cloudy gown of monstrosity, but aware of the responsibility he detents, the poet refuses to shut his eyes to poverty, hunger, violence and injustice surrounding him. He remains sensitive and profound, transporting our cognitive thoughts towards righteousness, finding the way towards Beauty through the suffering environment. His main achievement is to recreate Earth from the perspective of aesthetics, in a virtual synthesis of his intuitive conjectures.

    “The hot mid-noon summer days
    The day after day starving hours
    Bone-sucked and almost lifeless
    There lay an orphan, motionless.”

     Nature in all its melancholy brings the poet a pretext to bring us this breathtaking piece

    “I know the delights of a rain filled cloud
    I know the charm of a striking rainbow
    But the pathetic state of distant dry clouds
    Spill the seeds of dejection and sorrow.”

    The poet feels the sorrow while observing cruelties and madness in his Era.But, is poetry capable of changing the world? Could possibly literary genius transform this Evil into a genuine paradise of peace? In fact, poets are sometimes the philosophers of the future, the visionary builders of our new home, in the sense of a better-designed civilization. The amazing sound of the astonishment exploding into the soul of an artist who is aware of the most appalling truth, reaches our understanding in a painful way:

    “Peace! Like a broken mirror forcibly hanged
    Nailed as if to the clutches of gloom and doom
    Revealing images of poverty and conflicts within
    There reflect yet another vision of dreary future”.

    His work in this book combines alliterations, redundancies and internal rhymes with elegies about human sins in nowadays world joined to a contrastable comparison among love and hate. Darkness and brightness are described even with an exaltation of goodness. Nevertheless, poetry is first and foremost, Poetry. Poets need to express the internal feelings, which produce tempests of emotions mixed with the most cherished dreams of peace.  Culture grows on the shoulders of vanguards; its development is not a placid travel but an awe-inspiring conception that is born to endure millenniums. Peace Poetry dares to face the present and future of our planet without loosing the beauty of rhythm and its divine intent. Controversial and provocative, this kind of poetry is conceived as a pacific reaction to nowadays reality. What my own poetry (Postmodern Hell, Peaceful Agony and others) sustains as social. Poetry is the concept of a better world joined to the critic view of art upon ugliness of human behavior, represented by injustice, war, terrorism and inequality.

    The eye of an eagle has a panoramic concept of reality. This book does not fail in the intention to bring us an accurate moral analysis of post-modernity, capable of making us see the problem and perceive the solution.

    “We will be happy, let everyone still
    Let's pray, wit provides us such will
    Instead of standing a mute witness
    Why not we seek universal oneness
    Let peace be the option of all, yes
    Let us resolve to strengthen peace.”

    This is an ode to Beauty because it incarnates in its real meaning completed with a full content of deep values, and not an empty bottle, without scent.  His literary work is what it ought to be: A vehicle between the coldest Pole of Ignorance and the Warm Pole of Awareness. This book is an artistic invocation to our critical and moral thought in its most sophisticated expression: Poetry.

    “We got moved by droughts and famines
    Yes, got shocked by wars and destructions
    We stood mute by deaths of starvation
    Being humans, let’s sow seeds of concern.
    A change in attitude is the need of the hour
    O human! Time is ripe to amend our manner.”   

    Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina