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Foreword by Eminent Poets & Writers (Reflections)
  • Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan - Israel
    Prologue to the Poetry Book
    of Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Litt., India
    By : Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Israel

    Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, is a great Indian writer, essentially an international poet who inscribes his lyric in favor of universal peace and harmony. He is a Universal Peace Ambassador and the Vice-Chair, Global Harmony Association. For me he is part of a magnificent river. I dedicate to him the following verses which I wrote in 2011:

    The river arrived...
    Bringing water, sweet and in love -
    Transparent drops and ice from the mountains
    Mother Himalayas, mother Aconcagua…
    When it passed through India and Nepal,
    it is filled by meditation and compassion…

    When he asked me to write a prologue for this book of his new poems, I felt much honored, and at the same time responsible.  During all my life I have considered myself as a physician and a poet dedicated to tolerance, non-violence, peace, and alert about the threat of nuclear weapons as well as an emissary for the prevention of nuclear war.

    I know Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy from many associations of writers and intellectuals for culture of peace and world harmony and from the World Congresses of Poets being organized by the World Academy of Arts and Culture.  Although we communicate with each other in English, which is not my native tongue, we also know how to communicate in another, maybe more important language i.e., the language of the eyes and mind.  In his poem entitled IMPARTING AN ASPECT he writes the following:

    […] The little human eyes
    Can shower a sea of sorrow,
    The little heart
    Can hold an ocean of emotion;
    They knows no language
    Yet they can react and respond,
    They have no barriers
    Yet they see something beyond. […]

    This book is well integrated and flows from one poem to the following and in total is a hymn to nature, freedom, happiness and life:

    […] When the doors of nature in the universe
    Were wide open with a pleasant view,
    We, with selfish motives and ill-intention
    Have let loose a reign of mass destruction […]

    […] Blessed are the flowers which during nights blossom
    Blessed are the buds which for a tomorrow dream,
    Blessed are the clouds adorning the sky with delight
    Blessed are we, whoever cherishes the adorable sight […]

    […] Without love ….
    there is no tolerance
    Without tolerance ….
    there is no peace
    Without peace ….
    there is no prosperity
    Without prosperity ….
    there is no happiness
    Without happiness ….
    there is no meaning for life […]

    In the year 2009 I was commented that our current society is at a transcendental crossroads. On one hand, the use of natural resources is very efficient, but on the other, that same use is endangering the continuity of life on our planet. On one hand, new technology and systems of intensive production permit us to obtain an elevation in the quality of life for all humanity, but on the other, new conflicts are threatening to use weapons of mass destruction, mainly atomic, and with it the potential destruction of our civilization and life on Earth.  Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy is clearly walking in the way of the protection of life and his poetry is highly enrolled towards that.

    The author assumed a compromise in a beautiful manner and splendid lyric

    […] Though ….
    Desperately I try to explore
    The prospects of meeting you;
    Destined, I anticipate
    Another cursed dawn
    Would dawn upon my sweet love.

    Tomorrow will definitely dawn
    But there cannot be another day
    Where memoirs can once again rejoice
    The sweetest delight of delights
    That is ‘your memorable relation […]

    Reading this book and its fabulous poems, the readers feel also a compromise and want to walk together with the author

    […] The nectar of love is the essence of peace
    It, in fact is life’s eternal existence resource
    Both dwell within, yes, within all of us
    To savor the life’s precious and memorable bliss […]

    Thanks to Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy for this brilliant book! I strongly recommend this book. ENJOY HIS POETRY!

    - Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD

    - University Professor - Poet – Physician, Tel Aviv University, Israel
    - Honorary President of the Israeli Association Writers. Spanish Branch
    - 1st Vice President & Secretary General- World Academy of Arts and Culture USA
    - Honorary President Co-Founder United Nations of Letters
    - Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)

  • Prof. Kodanda Ram - India
    A Foreword by Prof. Kodanda Ram
    to Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy’s poetry collection

    It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right of freedom

    … Mahatma Gandhi

    When oppression and suppression of freedom and speech is imposed by force, the hushed-up feelings emerge out in the form of verse or couplet. Ultimately reaching the silent shores, such expressions travel and flow on the lyrical waves and free themselves from the tangle of suppression of freedom-seeking thoughts. Once softened, they emerge out in the form of beautiful and stirring couplets or verse. It is to proclaim with pride that the six-decade long struggle for Telangana statehood gave birth to several such writings by writers, singers, lyricists and balladeers in the Telangana region. And, through their writings and songs, these artists played a vital role in educating the masses and successfully advocating the dire need for fulfillment of the long-cherished cause. Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy is one such poet hailing from Hyderabad, the capital city of the newly formed (on 2nd June, 2014) Telangana State of India. Familiar for his poetic skills which brought him immense name and fame in the international arena of poetry, I too got deeply fascinated with his idiomatic ways of expressing things through poetry compositions. I feel it a great privilege to be a part and parcel of his fifth volume of poetry, titled, ‘Reflections’.

    Having read poem after poem, the splendor of the expressions rhythmically unfold and drag the reader to the domain of peace and solace. Knitting poetry with the elements of universal peace, environment protection, children welfare, poverty and concern for nature; the poet weaves a spell with heart-pleasing words and phrases. Breaking the barriers of borders, religion and region, the poet imparts poetic message through his poems. The pretty lines in the poem, ‘What A Delight’ …. Amity and identity adorn the earth as ornamental peace / A place, where human love and concern should thrive; / Why can’t we exhibit our wit, patience and tolerance? / To sort out forced alienations and budding differences … espouse in the reader the feelings of solace and serenity. His profound expressions in the poem ‘Now And Then’ brings before our eyes the images of what poverty is and land our hearts in the vortex of emotion … With tattered clothes / I sight a child, / Perhaps an orphan / Who still reflect / At this mid-life / In my heart’s eye.

    In a bid to spread the message of harmony and human co-existence, the poet proves his credentials as a Universal Peace Ambassador by creating the lovely poetic breeze that would prevail in a peace-filled world. This particular poem, ‘A Non-violent World’ stands a testimony of the poet’s peace yearning …. When the waves of true love and emotion surge / Perfect Peace and contentment would resurge, / By helping the starving and serving the needful / A person is bound to reach a refuge of joy-eternal. The mind-boggling rhyming and timing, exploring ever-new and beneficial messages through fragrance of love, allied with philosophical touch pleases the reader’s heart. One such remarkable poem, ‘Love Begins With Me’Naked, we come into the world, naked we would leave / But the one eternal thing that remains forever is, ‘Love’, / Like the buzzing bee swirling around the lotus-petals / We humans should encircle humanity, like love-pearls… speaks as to how the theme enlightens and implants in us the seed of what the ultimate of life is!

    The spiritual instinct in the poet surges and emerges out to poetically express the remarkably hidden thoughts of ‘salvation through enlightenment’. Thus flow the garland of words in the poem ‘Enlightenment’Seek the light of Peace / To share the ultimate of passion / Seek the path of passion / To discover a source for salvation. Further, a treasure of words flow from the poet’s pen and a flock of feelings surround the poet’s swarming thoughts. Gifted by these rare features, the poet communicates his emotive feelings through the poem ‘The Pursuit’ with these pleasant lines … Though am alone, I had many a companion / With the beautiful nature around to fascinate / The poetic musings often stir around and oscillate / Scribbling one after the other solitary tune thereon. Not lagging behind any poet in expression of excellent passionate feelings, the poem ‘If Not…’ reflects the innate feelings … In memory of death-defying love, I hauntingly hurl / A feast of romantic poetry is bound to unravel / Lo! She has painted my life and its destination / If not, I cannot be a poet wielding the romantic pen.

    Almost all the poems in the prestigious collection, titled, REFLECTIONS possess a philosophical melody and at times they seem to be reaching beyond normal imaginations. Every line expresses a deep feeling, wherein dwells sensitivity and exemplary qualities that make a real poet. With a firm resolve if the readers aspire to understand the poems in a true spirit, they are bound to experience a spectacular lyrical and poetical delight.

    I personally wish and advise all poetry readers and literary lovers to acquaint with this rare quality of writings presented through this brilliant compilation of poems. I wish Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy, all the very best in his future endeavors.

    Prof. M. Kodanda Ram
    Prof. of Political Science
    Osmania University
    Hyderabad – 500 007
    Telangana State, INDIA

  • Ms. Susana Roberts - Argentina

    Dr Honoris Causa WAAC-2009
    Vice Dir Iflac Argentina and Sudamerica
    Ambassador of Peace-Genevre-Suisse
    Honorary President Hispan American union writer
    Honoray Member Global Harmony Association
    Member Ethical Ecological World Assembly
    Member Presidium World Forum -
    Spiritual Culture-Astana_Kazajastan

    (A collection of poems by Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, Poet, India)

    This wonderful collection of nearly one hundred poems are directed to question the current situation how humanity has been evolved from the most important point: its essence. This book is the outcome to help the devastated society lacking in values ​​and the author intends, through poetic words illuminate the readers with such Reflections.  This seems to be the propose of this writer, whose book is a warning to the whole society, a book full of universal meaning from the headline to the end, intense words accompany us…. let us act perfect for a perfect future (Nature And Me).

    The poet declares about himself: to have been a poet: “the prisoner of thoughts in the heart” (Poet's heart) and from there he opens the awakening of consciousness from where one would go on uninterruptedly through the contents of poems in this great work.  He also denounces and warns about situations of today, at the same time educates with advises. In the poem “Attitude”, he says: to safeguard the human instinct ... we have to change it ...  we have to transform it ... we have to struggle for it, and as a plea he says: let us all understand human values ​​.. let us all stand together with a sole aim… and insists…if everyone strives..if everyone.

     In the XXI century, we should have been advanced in spiritual goodwill with many solid bases in different parts of the planet, but it happens the opposite, so this author as a responsible contemporary intellectual in his worthy job; struggles for unity and brotherhood, solidarity and awakening of consciousness. This is a fact. There is something precious to recollect and recover which is allowing us to move forward towards universal progress with dignified human values.  This author is a fountain of good inspiration to others, whether near or far from every faith. His words come from a pure poetic spirit nurturing co-existence and this is the moment for the people to live in peace with neighbors, and these precious feelings are meant for everyone’s happiness.

    We all have to stop, - to see, feel, listen each poem; listen with the heart as to what is happening all around and how we can overcome the adversaries. As the fact of being alive here and now, the presentation of poems provide an unparalleled delight, achieving a sense of introspection amongst the readers.

    It is a great honor for me to write words about the work of an author like Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, whom I fully admire, who lives far off from my country (Argentina), where different language, traditions and customs exist. But I agree with the concept of universal peace with universal action - building bridges of understanding with spiritual values without differences of any kind. The fight through poetry is demonstrated by him at the time he takes a pen and writes word after word from the true human soul - with love for humanity.  In this way, the poet chose to make it possible to convey mankind the required patience and thought to survive inside a global technological growth with PEACE.

     Reading Chakravarthy’s poems hailing from the land of Spiritual India and of Mahatma Gandhi, unfold before me a complete bright view of an ‘Indian’s Universe’ over this vast southern deserted place of wind (Argentina) and I realize that the goodness of this author illuminates every horizon. He says: let’s show our unity, overcome egoism, ideals of peace... in addition, love, he is sensitive to the nature and mother earth …does not neglect... with wounds all over / and the lurking shadows of devastation / look at us, mournful, pitiful and disgraceful, with a deep feeling awake, can we continue .. at least now, oh humans!

     As a reputed and universal admirable poet and writer, Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy is responsible for the great awareness of this time, which is resonating like an eternal song here in Occident and there in Orient.  He says: memory is my companion, it speaks any language. Here, the poetic soul thrives within him without any blocks of walls and doors, but with words surging alive between the alternate reality of today, - a fresh look lost in a world that is emerging in small human stature with an invisible preaching to the eyes and mind.  This is the important fact that prevails and this book (REFLECTIONS) is a good tool for the concretization for the next future that awaits us all.

    Ms. Susana Roberts

  • Dr. Leo Semashko - Russia

    Dr. Leo Semashko
    President : Global Harmony Association
    (with 500 co-authors from 56 countries and in 17 languages)
    State Councillor of St. Petersburg,
    Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker
    Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia


    "This collection of poems ‘REFLECTIONS’ focuses on four main themes: peace, children, love and harmony. These poems inspire the reader. One feels that they are written by a poet who is deeply devoted to them. In fact, Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy is the Vice President of Global Harmony Association (GHA), and has published many brilliant poems about peace, harmony, and children on the GHA website “Peace from Harmony” ( and in many books of GHA: Global Civilization (2009), The ABC of Harmony (2012), Global Peace Science from Harmony, etc.

    Deep social responsibility of the poet-author is expressed in his words that we are helpless in the global horror of terror, because “we fail to co-exist in harmony” (poem THE DISORDER). He is confident that the way out of this horror lies only on a harmonious path (poem HARMONIOUS PATH). Unfortunately, this key idea does not find development in collection. But despite this, it wakes up the good feelings, draws the reader towards peace, love and harmony, reinforcing people, especially the youth, with faith and enthusiasm in them. It is very important for the spiritual progress of humanity. Therefore, I advise all readers, especially the young, closely acquainted with this collection of original poetry."

    - Dr. Leo Semashko, President,
    Global Harmony Association, - Russia

  • Dr. Krishna Guranathrao Kulkarni - India
    Dr. Krishna Guranath rao Kulkarni

    Retd. Prof / Freelance Journalist - KARNATAKA STATE, India

    “REFLECTIONS”,  is the  second anthology out of the five collections I have read, enjoyed and contemplated by me, which is composed by a young friend of mine who is a  quadragenarian  called Dr. Tholana  Ashok Chakravarthy, Litt.D, serving  as a Manager of  well-known agricultural bank, named “The Telangana State  Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.” (TSCAB) having its Head Quarters in the Charminar-famed city of Hyderabad.

    This anthology is a compilation of one short of hundred poems (Ninety Nine) which are all perfect lyrical poems. In this collection of poems the poet’s lyricism, imagination, mode of expression and emotion, have found a relief in a joyous outburst of spontaneous expression.

    It is an admitted fact that the study of such poems will certainly help the reader to enjoy the beauty of the expressions of those thoughts. Till today I got an opportunity of reading nearly 200 such elegant poems composed by the peace loving poet Dr. Tholana. I confess cogently that every poem of him has added a millimeter to my mental horizon.

    I am of the firm opinion that Dr. Ashoka is a man gifted with great poetic talent and powers. He composes his poems as ebulliently as a great poet. As a poet he is enormously popular not only in India but also abroad. The chief quality of this great poet is his sincerity both in his life and in his poetry. In short simplicity is the core of his lifestyle. Simplicity is also the characteristic feature of a good poetry.  I personally like his robust simplicity, veracity and directness of concept. No doubt he is a poet of first water.

    Being a lyrist the poet has used the English language with mastery and music. There is the wealth and variety of vocabulary and poetic expression in his poetry.  As there is a magic of enchantment in his songs, his lyrics have a sweetness and poignancy all their own. So it appears to the reader that they sing themselves into the universal heart. He is able to do by means of words what the musicians does by the meter and the painter does by means of colours.  The following lines of the poet upheld the remarks made above –

    In his poems sound and sense are inseparable :
    1. To break the trust,
        To bridge the trust,
        Which one is easier,
        Unhesitantly the first – (Break-Even Point)

    There is a slight variety in the rhythm of his poetry:
    2. Why can’t we be apart in restoring “Peace”
        To make our planet Earth, “A SANCTUARY OF PEACE” - (A Sanctuary of Peace)

    He uses words for the sake of their sound effects :
    3. At midnight under the moon light
        I stand beneath with a drowsy delight – (When Shall We Awaken)

    The poet is gifted with remarkable power of speech. While reading his poems one will notice the importance given by him for communication in his poems. He writes not for his own pleasure but primarily to communicate his own thoughts and emotions to his readers. That’s why his poems are full of messages:-

    In this stanza the clarion call of the poet is sounded to awaken the people from a state of stupor:
    1. The Mother Earth with wounds all over ,
         And the lurking shadows of devastation,
        Looks at us, mournful, painful and disgraceful,
        Can we Awake now at least, O Humans ! - (Awake Now At Least)

    Plain familiar words in their natural order form the bed-rock of his style:
    2. Like buzzing bee swirling around the lotus-petals
        We humans should encircle humanity, like love pearls. – (Love begins with me)

    The philosophy of this couplet is that forgetfulness of our duty results from self indulgence :
    3. Let us be perfect for a future perfect,
        In a perfect way for a perfect world- (Nature And We)

    The poet is a hero by virtue of the fact that he reveals truth to us. He has a direct insight into reality. That’s why; he is able to describe reality so vividly to us. The below mentioned lines go to prove this statement.

    This couplet reveals complete understanding of human psychology:
    1. Though I desperately try to break this silence ,
        I find no one near to grab the fleeing chance – (Lo! What Can I Do)

    There is the flow of rhythm and brevity of expression:
    2. Unless the Sun sets there won’t exist an iota of life ,
         Yes, let us think positive and brave the paths of grief – (Think Positive)

    His poetic diction is mostly simple and clear:
    3. Lo! Where are we heading to haunts me often ,
        Encircled by ecological break and crying orphans. - (The Disorder)

    Dr. Chakravarthy is a poet of nature.  He loves nature and worships nature .Like Wordsworth he loves nature as he finds it. He describes nature with admirable simplicity .There are several graphic descriptions of nature in this anthology. He laments for the exploitation of this good Earth. He criticizes this selfish tendency of man in his poems through soft words and in a milder way. To quote his own lines :

    He describes vividly the nature of the exploitation of man in this stanza:
    1. When the doors of nature in the universe ,
        Were wide open with a pleasant view,
        We with selfish motives and ill intention,
        Have let loose a reign of mass destruction – (Nature And We)

    No aspect of the activities of nature remains hidden from his searching eye:
    2. The moon and stars are duty bound to enthrall ,
        Nature performs its task to help human survival – (Think Positive)

       Thus nature seemed to him also divine, unspeakable deep as high as heaven.

    The poet describes the pathetic conditions of the poor very minutely but it is with a more moving sympathy, a deeper pathos and brilliance of phrase. This pitiable plight of the poor has been depicted by the poet in these lines –

    He paints the pitiable condition of the poor exactly as it is :
    1. The hour after hour pounce ;
        Of the dreadful hunger
        Spreading its fatal tentacles,
        Deep in to poverty-stricken slums - (How Can You)

    There is in him an eye to see and soul to do:
    2. Hunted by death trampled by hunger
        Poverty knocks the tolerance of the poor,
        Where do the strings of Mercy dwell? - (Mercy)

    The poet is a propagator of world peace. He gives much importance and priority for the maintenance of world peace in his poems. The following lines of the poet deserve to be quoted here :

    1. On the ripples of freedom , float the thoughts of peace,
        Devoted! Let us honour and strengthen the ideals of peace - (The Ideals Of Peace)

    2. Peace has become a distant mirage ,
        Unmasking violence with a fit of rage – (The Moments)

    3. Lo! The so called protectors of peace ,
        Why not the wars could be averted - (A Sanctuary of Peace)

    In almost all the poems of this Anthology the poet has expressed his unique emotional experience which is really a source of pleasure for the reader. To put the point in clear terms he sublimates emotions and offers aesthetic pleasures to the readers. So his poems have rather the value of a piece of creative literature than of mere emotions. He possesses a direct insight into reality .That’s why he is able to describe reality so vividly to us .

    In fine “REFLECTIONS”, is a collection of short poems which set the readers imagination ablaze with lyrical fragrance. His poems are all realistic which serve as the yardstick to measure poetic talent. Moreover these short poems of him definitely reveal that he has a redefined and charming soul, a noble and amicable nature. Those who read his poems with devotion will certainly praise the qualities of his head and heart. What I observed and found in his poems is that realism does not   lie in the themes of his poems whereas it has been brought out through his magic of writing. He has expressed in his poems a noble Philosophy and it is the study of that philosophy that one should read this collection of poems, with a seeing eye and an understanding eye.

    I personally feel proud that I got an opportunity to express my sincere opinions about the poetry of Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy in the form of a FORWARD to his collections of poems entitled, “REFLECTIONS”.

    I think that I am really BLESSED !

          -  Dr. K. G. Kulkarni