Charismata Of Poesie

Made a maiden entry into poetry through ‘Charismata Of Poesie’. Selected poems on various subjects, with the much needed boost ….

Foreword by Eminent Poets & Writers (CHARISMATA OF POESIE)
  • Shri Mandal Bijoy Beg Orissa, INDIA
    T. Ashok Chakravarthy’s - CHARISMATA OF POESIE
    (a collection of poems)

    We have the pleasure of reading the poetry of T. Ashok Chakravarthy (TAC) for the last 4 years. His poems have given us joy of studying various moods and encounters of the author’s life. He is a poet par excellence!

    One cannot be a poet f he or she is not either in happiness or in pain. TAC is more a poet of pain than happiness. ‘A Spell of Despair’, ‘An Accursed’, ‘Bread-winner’s Woe’, ‘Crumbled Dreams’, ‘Desolate Night’, ‘Silent Agony’, ‘Doomed Love’, ‘Healing Wounds’, ‘The Lonely Time’ and many others are poem of pain. Words like ‘agony’, ‘despair’, ‘dejection’, ‘frustration’, ‘grief’, ‘gloom’, ‘mourning’, ‘pain’, ‘solitude’, ‘sorrow’ and ‘suffering’ clearly indicate the theme of his poems. At night his “Thoughts fluctuate from one end to the other / In the woven webs of grief and despondency”. He retrospects on ‘the very roots of the woe-filled past’. He feels his life is ‘injured’ and the struggles ‘in turbulent moods’. He writes, ‘In the stormy desert of pain / Feared, I think, I lost my path’. His ‘heart writhes with pain’ and he is ‘on the volcano of dejection’.

    The poet has also deep concern for the suffering humanity. He is the one to whom the world (A world of ‘contamination’, ‘devastation’, ‘penury’ and ‘starvation’) is his own; and so he is suffering.

    The poet knows that the castle of joy is in pain and pain is the wit of joy. Every man lives suffering but his life becomes an ocean of joy who endures pain happily and stoically.

    Written in lucid language, the book is a collection of ‘the sweetest songs’ that speak of ‘saddest thoughts’.

    We wish this book will find appreciation of all lovers of poetry worldwide.

    Shri Mandal Bijoy Beg, Director,
    The Home of Letters,
    Bhubaneswar, Orissa, INDIA