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UNITED NATIONS with a quest to promote Environment Awareness had initiated the BILLION TREE CAMPAIGN under the aegis of UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM UNEP). My poem-lyric titled, PLANT MORE TREES was chosen as one of the nine universal poem-lyrics that featured in the C.D Album – TREES FOR PEACE – TREES FOR THE EARTH (Un arbre pour la paix, un arbre pour la terre). The album was released by eminent persons / Mayors in France in collaboration with “Association Pour la Terra”

Plant More Trees ( Auteur: Dr Ashok Chakravarthy /Compositeur: Muhammed Iqbal Behleem)

Larbre a voile(Auteur/Compositeur: Thomas
Aux arbres citoyens(Auteur:Cyril
Je suis un arbre (Auteur/Compositeur: Buzy)
La legende des arbres (Auteur/Compositeur: Yves Duteil)
Chanson pour un arbre (Auteur:Domienique Arrangements/Mixage:Pierre Bluteau)
Always Remember the Trees (Auteur/Compositeur:Gary Pickus)”
To Plant the Billionth Tree (Auteur/Compositeur: Steve Redner,Arrangements/Jp/Mercy)
Un arbre pour demain (Auteur:Jeanne King/Compositeur: Price King,Arrangements:Jp/Mercy et Steve Redner

Poem CHOOSING A RIGHTEOUS PATH translated and rendered in Urdu by AYUB KHAWAR, Writer, Director, Poet and Translator who is presently the Head of Project Mazaqraat at DUNYA NEWS, Lahore, PAKISTAN.  He, was a Former Senior Executive Producer (Dramatic Production) at Geo TV and has also worked for Pakistan Television Corporation

Fight Against covid-19

I resolve,that I shall render my service to the Nation when called upon to do so. I shall abide by all WHO Guidelines, Government Directions. #FightAgainstCorona

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" Poesías /Libres/ de cuarentena " IV TEMPORADA Poesía 11 : Ashok Chakravarthy [ INDIA ]

Posted by Juan Antonio Lezameta Requelme on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Poem on COVID-19, rendered BY JUAN ANTONIO LEZAMETA REQUELME at “Poetry / Free / Quarantine” IV SEASON – “Youth, Education, Art and Culture “- EL SOL COLOMBIA FOUNDATION –


If we ignore the basic protective measures
We are prone to get home the deadly virus,
Every safety measure, one should adhere
Lest, Corona Virus may snatch us, unawares.

Yes, totally invisible to the naked human eye
The Corona Virus would not spare ‘you’ or ‘I’;
One right option is social – physical distancing,
That saves us and prevents further spreading.

Wearing of face mask is one such wise option,
Often washing hands is another positive action,
Let us not only educate our near and dear ones
But, even enlighten our community, quite often.

Staying at home, taking all safety measures
One can easily drive away the Corona Virus;
Neither it can knock our nor the neighbors door
Or pounce on precaution-taking lot; – oh dear!

Most precious and virtuous is a human birth
Equally precious is every life on planet earth,
Let us not hamper the nature’s balancing act,
Let us all allow it to flourish, with due respect.


Digital International Poetry Anthology “VOICES OF THE WORLD” – 2020

Matter for Anthology

Introduction of poet | Matter for Certificate | A Spiritual Insight | Trust is Such a Bond

Sociedad Internacional De Poetas Escritores Y Artistas (S.I.P.E.A)
Cochabamba, BOLIVIA, SOUTH AMERICA, selected and translated two poems into Spanish and included them in the Digital International Poetry Anthology “VOICES OF THE WORLD” – 2020

Matter for Certificate

Certificate issued by the Sociedad Internacional De Poetas Escritores Y Artistas (S.I.P.E.A) Cochabamba, BOLIVIA, SOUTH AMERICA for my valued contribution to the Poetry Anthology “VOICES OF THE WORLD – 2020 “


Somos El Uno

Special Commendations

As part of educating the youth and people on Peace, the ACADEMIA POPULAR URUGUAYA DE CULTURA NACIONAL E INTERNACIONAL (APUCNI), URUGUAY (SOUTH AMERICA) chose my Peace Poem, (PRAY THE CREATOR) and translating it into Spanish Language broadcast on RADIO DINO TBO, URUGUAY on 21.09.2020, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE-2020.


Conferred for promoting universal peace, safeguarding Human and Children Rights, protection of environment and for harmonious co-existence of worldly order and to shoulder the responsibility of continued efforts for universal welfare.

IOPSH To Activate International Humanitarian Law For Peace

With the acceptance of the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Justice, Kingdom of Morocco, conferred the prestigious HONORARY DOCTORATE for activating International Humanitarian Law For Peace

Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana