About the poet

Hailing from Hyderabad City, Telangana State, India, Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana is persistently composing message-oriented poetry.  Through poetry writings, his primary objective is to promote Universal Peace, World Brotherhood, Environment Consciousness, Protection of Nature, Safeguarding Children’s and Human Rights, uplifting the oppressed downtrodden etc. This apart his articles on Human Right and Universal Peace have also been widely circulated.

During his 30-year stint with poetry, Dr. Ashok acquired a rare distinction of his poetry selected and published in no less than 90 countries. He has the privilege of being conferred with several prestigious national and international awards that include five doctorates and quite a lot of laurels, commendations, citations, titles etc. Some of the noteworthy ones received during 2019 and 2020 (upto August) are furnished under:

— In commemoration of the 74th Indian Independence Day, 2020, bestowed with the Laurel of HONOR, jointly by the GUJARAT SAHITYA ACADEMY, Govt. of Gujarat, INDIA & Motivational Strips, ABU DABI, for Literary Excellence At Par with Global Standards in the field of literature.

In the International Contemporary Debate Contest – 2020, organized by the Poetry Education Academy, NIGERIA, awarded the proud honor, conferring me with the BEST TEACHER AWARD 

— Conferred with the prestigious HONORARY DOCTORATE in connivance with the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Justice, KINGDOM OF MOROCCO, for activating and promoting universal peace and for shouldering the responsibility of continued efforts for global welfare.

DIPLAMO OF HONOR in recognition for outstanding literary work and cultural contribution in the world from “Agencia De Prensa Internacional Apreint”, SPAIN

— Won Fourth Place Colline Inspirée Best Inspirational Award in the international challenge launched by the Editions Colline Inspirée, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO,

– BEST IN POEM WRITING – Certificate of Recognitionduring the International Poem Writing Competition organized byLEAD PHILIPPINES GLOBAL, PHILIPPINES

– Honor of GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADOR for promoting socio-cultural awareness, fraternity, love, peace and human efforts from “WORLD PEACE AND HUMANITY MISSION” (WPHM), DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES,

— BEST POET OF TODAY – Honor of foreign language poetry from International Literary Organization SWAPNANIL SAHITYA CHARCHA PARISHAD, approved by the Government of BANGLADESH,

–Secured First Place in the Picture-prompt International Poetry Contest organized by the ANAND ASRAM ABHIRUP SAHITYA PORIBAR, BANGLADESH (Govt. Recognized) during August, 2020.

– EXCELLENCE IN WORLD LITERATURE in recognition to the contribution for World Peace through outstanding work – Awarded by WORLD LITERARY FORUM FOR PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS, NEPAL,

– LEVEL 1 AWARD of FANTASTIC LITERARY JURY with INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION from Fantastic Ideas of Global Celebrities with Destinyy Lightt Speakss, INDIA,

OUTSTANDING HONOR for participation in peace initiatives as a Chancellor of Academia Popular Uruguaya de Cultura Nacional e Internacional (APUCNI), REPUBLIC OF URUGUAY

– Out of 607 domestic and international participants – secured SECOND PRIZE in the “World Newspaper Poetry TV Competition-2020” officially organized by the International Journalists Association, World Newspaper, World Daily, World Television, World Satellite TV, World Live Television, World News and World Toutiao, CHINA.

The first “World Newspaper Poetry TV Competition” in 2020 was officially held by the International Journalists Association, World Newspaper, World Daily, World Television, World Satellite TV, World Live Television, World News, and World Toutiao. A total of 607 domestic and foreign authors had received contributions from Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Japan, India, United Kingdom, Italy, Tajikistan, Turkey, Bolivia, Canada, United States, Denmark, Venezuela, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Mauritius and other regions. The electronic award certificates and medals of foreign award-winning authors were all announced. 

 – Conferred with the prestigious NAJI NAAMAN LITERARY PRIZE-2019, LEBANON;

Government of Telangana State, INDIA, in identification of the acclaims in the field of International English Poetry, the DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGE & CULTURE issued ID as recognition,

– Another noteworthy, H/E YASSER ARAFAT PEACE AWARD-2019, PEN International, PALESTINE;

– In commemoration of 150 Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (2019), bestowed with the eminent title, ‘GANDHIAN POET’, by Global Harmony Association, RUSSIA;

– Conferred with ‘WORLD POETIC STAR-2019 AWARD’, KAZHAKSTAN to mark the 175 Anniversary Celebration of noted Kazakh Poet;

– Awarded WORLD ICON OF LITERATURE-2019 by the National Academy of Arts & Culture, INDIA, affiliated to World Academy of Literature, History, Art & Culture, MEXICO;

– Conferred with ‘SWAMY VIVEKANANDA INTERNATIONAL PEACE AWARD’ 2019 by the International Higher Academy Council Of English Literature (IHACEL-INDIA);

REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES based International Literary Society ‘Lasosyasyon Lar San Frontyer (LLSF), conferred with ‘HONOURED POET OF INDIA’ to mark India’s 73rd Independence Day (2019);

– Conferred with ‘SECOND INDIA GOLD CROSS FOR POETRY’ by the World Union of Poets, ITALY;

– Designated as ‘GLOBAL AMBASSADOR’ by UNITED KINGDOM-INDIA based Human Rights Literacy Mission;

-Received the prestigious ‘DIRECTOR’S AWARD FOR POETRY-2019’ in the International Poetry Competition to mark Global Love Day 2019, organized by The Love Foundation, U.S.A;

– Another notable title, ‘DOVE OF PEACE’ from ARGENTINA for being chosen as ‘100 Poets for Peace 2019” poetry anthology;

– Poetas Del Mundo, REPUBLIC OF CHILE, awarded ‘DIPLOMA OF MERIT’ in recognition of his magnificent poetic tribute to Pablo Neruda-2019;

– Conferred with ‘SPECIAL AWARD’ for Rhythmic Poetry, 2019 by United By Ink, MALAYSIA;

-Conferred with the title of ‘BEST GLOBAL POET’ for the 2nd Quarter of 2019 by Global Poetry, DUBAI;

– India based Destiny Light Speaks, INDIA, presented with ‘LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD-2019’ for his award winning participation in the Global Contest.

Further, Dr. Ashok’s unique message-centric poetry received commendations from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former-President, India, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, former-Prime Minister, India, Bill Clinton, USA, Queen Elizabeth of Britain, Princess of Wales, President and Prime Minister of France, Prime Minister of Switzerland, Senator Viktor Busa, The Lord President, Italy, United Nationals Organization, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.

As of now, Ashok’s EIGHT poetry compilations, viz.,

(8) Horizon
out of  18 volumes of English poetry have been published and received wide readership acclaim from all over the world. And, 12 spiritual-related books have been translated from Telugu (local language) to English language.