Fight Against covid-19

I resolve,that I shall render my service to the Nation when called upon to do so. I shall abide by all WHO Guidelines, Government Directions. #FightAgainstCorona


If we ignore the basic protective measures
We are prone to get home the deadly virus,
Every safety measure, one should adhere
Lest, Corona Virus may snatch us, unawares.

Yes, totally invisible to the naked human eye
The Corona Virus would not spare ‘you’ or ‘I’;
One right option is social – physical distancing,
That saves us and prevents further spreading.

Wearing of face mask is one such wise option,
Often washing hands is another positive action,
Let us not only educate our near and dear ones
But, even enlighten our community, quite often.

Staying at home, taking all safety measures
One can easily drive away the Corona Virus;
Neither it can knock our nor the neighbors door
Or pounce on precaution-taking lot; – oh dear!

Most precious and virtuous is a human birth
Equally precious is every life on planet earth,
Let us not hamper the nature’s balancing act,
Let us all allow it to flourish, with due respect.