The Moral Collapse of U.S. And …..

The Moral Collapse of U.S. and Global Society- and the Necessary Conditions for Rebirth

By Dr. Glen T. Martin

Many philosophers of law have affirmed the idea that the central function of law is to provide the conditions within which individuals can flourish in the sense of pursuing the aims and goods that each understands as constituting a good human life.  They have concluded that the social framework of the law must be designed to make this possible.  Yet the two global institutions that have come to dominate our planet — global capitalism and the system of sovereign nation-states — have functioned to progressively destroy everywhere the social conditions within which human beings can aspire to lead good human lives. The fragmentation of so-called “sovereign nation-states” — of a multiplicity of weak nations dominated by a few powerful nations — has allowed global banking and capital to colonize the world-system to the point where the democratic social contract within most nations is hopelessly broken. [1] Continue reading “The Moral Collapse of U.S. And …..”

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe : A Reflection of When Things Fall Apart

–         Rene Wadlow, e-mail :

The death in a Boston hospital of Chinua Achebe, on 21 March 2013, the Nigerian novelist about whom it was said that his writings were “concerned with universal human communication across racial and cultural boundaries as a means of fostering respect for all people” came just at the start of the UN-sponsored 2013-2022 International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures. Continue reading “Chinua Achebe”

Rubi Andredakis, Cyprus

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As I was reading and studying the present collection of poeghms, written by Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, I felt his intention to raise his voice to humanity in a desperate appeal for peace, which nowadays seems to be passing a crisis. Violence and hostility seem to be prevailing in every corner of the earth.

The skillful poet, in his collection, clearly points out the comparison between peace, happiness, beauty, prosperity, compassion and love –spring- life, and war, hostility, misery, destruction, pain, drought and flood, thirst and hunger, human indifference and greed –death!

Each of the poem in the collection has an individual character, by which the poet projects the problem and calls out for reason to prevail, because violence only brings more violence, and eventually, humanity will be self destroyed. Rumbles of life will be the only remains on earth.

Twenty-first century and still human greed for more power and domination upon the weaker ones increases, forgetting that in the past centuries people have fought for the achievement of human rights, freedom and a better life. Now, when colonization and discrimination among nations are banned and people should live in peace and prosperity, unfortunately we have the rich countries and the poor ones, and the rich, in an apparent attempt to help the poor ones, eventually dominate upon them, seeking the wealth of their natural resources. And this is the cause of conflicts, violence and death, resulting to more poverty, hunger and misery. On the other hand, Mother Earth has been disturbed by the great industrial development, which has affected the atmosphere, and all those explosions, so She reacts in her way, just to show man, that nothing can stop Nature’s anger. Floods and droughts have brought disaster around the world, frequent earthquakes and hurricanes destroy what man creates. However, it is the poor again, who struggle desperately to survive and face their destiny. The need for help is immediate. If only there were no conflicts and war between the nations, and humanity was not so indifferent about others’ pain, if there was more solidarity among people, then life might be brighter for everyone.

The poet, through this excellent collection of poems, sends an urgent message to the world: Stop the war; no more killings and destruction; more solidarity, compassion and love among the nations. Every human being has a right to live under the sun!

Rubi Andredakis, Cyprus