백한이 白漢伊 Baek Han-yi (Korea)
1937. 2. 4~Born as the 5th child from 3 sons and 4 daughters of Baekjong [白鍾] Nam-Keun [南根], 28th Baek of Suwon Baek, and second daughter Yim Yi [任伊] of Kwangsan Kim.             Poet, novelist, Essay Pen name Hangchon, Hansil. Given birth in Uiryeong-gun, Dayi-myen Massang-ri 144. Studied writing literary art at graduate school of Kun-kuk and Dong-guk University.

*Award Honour Dr. Literature (1992 Haif WCP/WAAC)
*The Founder pres of both Hangchon World Academy of Arts & Culture(87)
*President of XXVII(97),XXIV(04) World congress of poets.
*The international director and Vice President of World Academy of Arts & Culture.
*The member of Korean Literary Men’s Association.
*The Hon  member of the writers’ association in Mexico. started writing from 1955.
*Published the first poetry honorary member Geek literature Asso.
*Board Trustee with Vice President WAAC.
*Advice of WAAC(2007).
*President of WAAC(09)
*Honorary member of Greece literary club “Xasteron”,
*Foundation The World Hangchon Culture prize Award (1997),
*Established Literature prize of Corea and Award,
*Executive Vice Chairman of Gosan Literature Steering Committee.
*Foundation published The moon light of Corea(03),
*Foundation WAAC Writer Center.
*1958Foundation spirit of Natural modernism movement

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