Social Services

With a motto to render social services, especially to the orphaned children and to the deserted old-age parents,

I began to undertake this sort of Humanitarian Service for the last five years.  Since then I am uninterruptedly involved in doing the Social Service and not be alone I am taking the help of my wife and some like-minded friends and colleagues.  In this endeavor I am not only paying school-fee for the orphaned children but also to economically poor and physically challenged school children who cannot afford paying monthly school fee.  Apart, I am also offering school books, pens, pencils, uniforms, slates etc., to such children.  And, to the old-age homes that render humanitarian services with a sole objective to serve the deserted old-age parents, I am doing my best by seeking any kind of help from like-minded people and providing them with clothes, blankets, essential food items, medicines etc.  I am doing this social service once in a month and if a few others join me, the services can be executed twice a month.

Anyone willing to offer voluntary help is welcome to do so.  Such persons will be personally taken to such schools and homes (in and around Hyderabad city (AP) India) where they can willingly render services, on their own.