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International-priority daysInternational-priority days[carousel num=”2″ type=”blog” thumb=”true” thumb_width=”385″ thumb_height=”200″ excerpt_count=”22″ date=”no” author=”no” min_items=”1″ spacer=”0″ custom_class=”top-carousel”] [row][span3][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme51913/images/home1.jpg” banner_link=”blog” title=”Writing” text=”Peace-loving and peace-promoting ambitions of world people were put to stake and the mayhem perpetrated for self-interests is claiming thousands of innocent lives.  A strong resolve to promote peace, protect environment, protect children’s rights etc., through poetry is continuing for the past three decades….” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”home-top”] [/span3] [span3][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme51913/images/home2.jpg” banner_link=”articles” title=”Blogging” text=”Owing vast experience, observation and opinion on various universal welfare themes, latest updates and postings are published and posted to promote social awakening and universal welfare causes through poetry compositions and peace articles. This strong determination, time and again stirs my aspiration….” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”home-top second-banner”] [/span3] [span3][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme51913/images/home3.jpg” banner_link=”portfolio” title=”Media” text=”‘Media’ denotes, it is the primary medium to expose activities which really enlighten people world around. It’s a source, which exposes prominence of person/s, nation/s and event/s worldwide. Apart, it imparts morals and ethics of humans as also the disruptive and inhumane side of other happenings world around….” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”home-top third-banner”] [/span3] [span3][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme51913/images/home4.jpg” banner_link=”blog” title=”Testimonials” text=”With selfless actions, when good deeds are done, when a decent move is made, when an excellent opportunity is exploited excellently, such great good actions reflect an organization or individuals characteristics. In upright esteem and gratitude, many such commendations have been achieved ….” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”home-top fourth-banner”] [/span3] [/row][hr] [extra_wrap] [row][span2][title_box title=”Useful links” custom_class=”link-title”] [list_un]

[/list_un][/span2][span3][vr][title_box title=”Experience” custom_class=”info-title”][accordions] [accordion title=”nulla venenatis” visible=”yes”] Aersety kerset aplibrde ertynseq nitugnolores equis ratione voluptate. [/accordion] [accordion title=”fermentum”] Aersety kerset aplibrde ertynseq nitugnolores equis ratione voluptate. [/accordion] [accordion title=”consectetuer”] Aersety kerset aplibrde ertynseq nitugnolores equis ratione voluptate. [/accordion][accordion title=”adipiscing elit”] Aersety kerset aplibrde ertynseq nitugnolores equis ratione voluptate. [/accordion][/accordions][/vr][/span3][span4][wrap][title_box title=”New Books” custom_class=”fresh-title”][mini_posts_grid type=”portfolio” numb=”4″ thumbs=”small” thumb_width=”134″ thumb_height=”100″ order_by=”date” order=”DESC” align=”left” custom_class=”home-grid”][button text=”view all” link=”portfolio” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” class=”portfolio-btn” icon=”no”][/wrap][/span4][span3][title_box title=”Quick message” custom_class=”massage-title”][contact-form-7 id=”4″ title=”quick”][/span3] [/row] [/extra_wrap]



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