Dr T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Inde ТатьянаВоронцова Перевод с английского
Dr T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Inde
Перевод с английского
Dr T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Inde
Перевод с английского


Осенниелистьяслетают с утреннимветром.
ТоскапоМирурождается в моемзамкемыслей.

Благословенныцветы, которыецветутночами.
Благословенныпочки, которыемечтаютраспуститьсяутром.
Благословенныоблака, украшающиенебокаждуюночь.
Благословенныте, ктолелеетвеликолепныйпейзаж.

Вера и дружелюбиеукрашаютземлю, какукрашенияМира.
Почемумынеможемпроявитнашеостроумие, терпение и терпимость?
Разобраться в повторяющихсятрениях и возрастающихразличиях.

Семеназла, «ненависти и эгоистическихамбиций»,
Суетапрогресса, “несправедливость и отказотсотрудничества”,
Когдаподавленылюбовь и самореализацияличности;

Вместогибелимыпредвидимразвитие и процветание.

Наволнахсвободыбудутплытьмысли о Мире.
Посвященный! Давайсозидать и укреплятьидеалыМира.


Autumn leaves flutter with the early morning gales
Dew drops glitter under the gold-reflective sunrays,
The pleasing horizon unfolds another dawn, delightful
The longing for peace unfurls in my thoughts castle.

Blessed are the flowers which during nights blossom
Blessed are the buds which for a new tomorrow dream,
Blessed are the clouds adorning the sky every night
Blessed are we, whoever cherishes the gorgeous sight.

Faith and amity adorn the earth as ornaments of peace
A place to bask under the warmth of love-surging eyes;
Why can’t we exhibit our wit, patience and tolerance?
To sort out recurring frictions and rising differences.

The sprouts of evil; ‘hatred and egocentric ambitions’,
The hassles of progress; ‘injustice and non-cooperation’,
When both are overpowered by love and self-realization;
The planet earth is bound is become an abode of heaven.

Instead of ruin, we foresee equivalence and prosperity
Instead of darkness, we foresee a worthwhile future;
The clouds of passion shall shower everlasting trust,
The winds of change shall blow every atom of mistrust.

On the ripples of freedom, float the thoughts of peace
Devoted! Let us honor and strengthen the ideals of peace.

Makani Venkatrao (Writer)


(SAPTAGIRI : A Monthly Magazine with pictures, published by the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams)


Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy ‘                                                                           Sathcharita’ Writer Sri Makani Venkatrao                                                                                         “Gurunilayam” – 20/778, Mulapet, Nellore – 524 003

Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy is an ‘Avadhuta’, a ‘Maha Yogi’, a Sadguru belonging to ‘Dattavatara’ tradition. Collecting the material for writing His biography, Sri Makani Venkatrao has given a section of it useful for Parayana. Sri Venkatrao is a revered dis¬ciple of Venkaiah Swamy, receiving His Grace and Blessings.

     Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Venkaiah Swamy was born at Naguiavellaturu of Atmakuru Taluqa, Nellore District, in the year 1855 to Mother Pitchamma, Father Sompalli Penchalaiah Nayudu. Sri. Venkaiah Swamy showed many miracles since his child hood. Venkaiah who used to live above caste and religion was always a sincere hard worker, whether he sowed or reaped harvest, unmind-ful of the labour involved.

In this book, it is mentioned that Sri Shirdi Sai met Sri Venkaiah, accepted his hospitality and initiated him. This may be true be¬cause many a time Sri Venkaiah Swamy told that Shirdi Sai was his elder brother. Just like the ‘Dhuni’ at Shirdi lit by Sai, the Dhuni of Venkaiah Swamy at Golagamudi, Nellore District is burning con¬tinuously for removing the agonies of many sufferers.

Sri Venkaiah Swamy entered ‘Samadhi’, by the side of hisDhuni on August 24,h, 1982. The Darshan (just a glimpse) of His Samadhi is fulfilling the desires of many.

It is said that Sri Venkaiah Swamy roamed in Madras State, Penchalakona, Koti Theertham, Tirupathi and other religious places, serving many sages and receiving initiation from them. At Madras a very great railway disaster was averted by Sri Swamy, says the author. In this book Sri Makani Venkata Rao has beautifully com­bined the message of Sri Venkaiah Swamy with the miracles shown by him.

For example:

“What is the fundamental basis for this world, Swamy?’ – As if, in complete innocence the Swamy replied, ‘Kindness, Swamy’. Sri Venkaiah Swamy playing his Tambura -addressing himself as Swamy, nursing and worrying that the people are unable to under­stand the basis of the world, says compassion is the root of all worlds and advised to practice it. Bhagavad Gita also extols the quality similarly.

Elsewhere, He says that one who vanquishes sleep alone should worship God. Here, Swamy has made it clear that only those who can conquer Maya, illusion (sleep) can know God.

But it is very difficult to understand such high Metaphysical (Vedanthic) statements of Sri Venkaiah Swamy. Sri Makani Venkata Rao who was showered with the Grace of Swamy has explained them very lucidly. It is mentioned at the end of the book that very soon, all such sayings are to be published as “The Geethamrutham of Gurudeva”.

The writer has collected much information about the Life of Sri Swamy, not published before and explained them beautifully in this book.


MARCH 1993


Publishers :

Bhagavan Sri Venkaiah Swamy Ashramam,
Golagamudi,Vekatachalam(Mandal)                                                                                                    Nellore District – 524321, Andhra Pradesh.

Srivari Padarenuvu had the unique privilege of serving at the Lotus Feet of the All-Pervading God, Gurudeva, for over a decade. This PARAYANA GRANDHAorcall it a Religious Text, is composed by the Invocation of Divine Gurudeva, so that ‘truth’ and ‘dharma’ are followed in word and spirit by the humankind. I pray, the Life and Teachings of My Lord shall inspire one and all.
Enrich your life by remembering Gurudeva every day

– Dedicated at HIS LOTUS FEET
                                           – Author

© Makani Vekatrao, •’Gurunilayam” 20/778, Mulapet, Nellore-524 003



A Wonderful Poem 
by Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy
Translation in Spanish-by S.Roberts

Las suplicantesmiradas devueltas deaquellos huérfanos 
los gritos quebrados de niños que buscanprotección
Porun puñado de alimento, por un rayo de amor ellos esperan ir
Cada momento de sus vidases demasiado incierto.
Atrapados en una jaula de púas de un destino aterrador
Oh niños inocentes, dónde esta elcaminopara salir?
Sus ojos húmedos, habla desufrimientos indecibles,
pero quién está allí para desencadenar el asimiento inhumano?
Nos jactamos de civilización, es llamada nuestra estatura global,
pero quién se preocupa de quién, es unapregunta agitada para meditar
Eran los días del pasado incivilizado un poco mejor?
Que la jactanciosa hola-tecnología presente, egoísta en naturaleza.
¿Quién está allí al rato libre o para escuchar su llamado? 
¿Ah lastimosos, quiénes están allí para protegerlos?
El día y en el día haciausted es aporreado, despiadado
Unahumillantemaldición que puede probarqueridos a todos?
¿Vidas enredadas en los webs de hambre y muerte
Casi en la faena-final, puede apartar su último aliento?
¿Ahora al menos, un rayo de piedad debería golpear nuestros corazones?
Humanos somos, no espiedad en el rincón de nuestro corazón.

Tan doloroso si una flor en ciernes es arrancada enérgicamente
De la misma manera son las vidas de niños abusados físicamente,
Nosotros deberíamos asegurar, tomando ” un juramento de humanidad” 
Para salvaguardar a los niños de la injusticia y la brutalidad.

June 1 : Protection and Children’s Priority Day




The love-craving looks of those rendered orphans
The shattering cries of children seeking protection
For a fist of food, for a ray of love the wait goes on
Every moment of their budding life is but uncertain.

Caught in the barbed cage of the terrifying fate
O innocent children, where’s the way to sneak out?
Your misty eyes, speak of the sufferings untold
But who’s there to unshackle the inhuman hold?

We boast of civilization, call it our global stature
But who cares who, is an agitate question to ponder,
Were the days of the uncivilized past a bit better?
Than the present hi-tech boast, selfish in nature.

Who is there to spare time or listen to your call?
Oh pitiable ones, who’s there to protect you all?
Day in and day out you are battered, unmerciful
A humiliating curse that may prove dear to us all.

Lives entangled in the webs of starvation and death
Almost at the fag-end, who can avert their last breath?
Now at least, a ray of mercy should strike our hearts?
Humans are we, is not mercy at a corner of our heart.

How painful if a budding flower is plucked forcibly
Likewise are the lives of children abused physically,
We should ensure, by taking a “oath on humanity
To safeguard children from injustice and brutality.

A ray of hope(English to Greek )


                                                   A RAY OF HOPE  (English)

Deep down the memory lane
Childhood, when peeps out,
I recollect bone-thin orphans
Staring into the empty skies.
What a misfortune, what a shame
Really a blot o­n human civilization.
Is the aspect of love and concern
From out of ego-bloated hearts
Got evaporated o­nce and for all
Into the deep layers of selfishness.

Ignoring the deprived children,
Leaving some to their own fate,
Forcing some to starve and die;
What contentment is derived?
In ignoring their dismal plight.
The pitiable, orphaned children
Despite scared to live without love
Yearn to somehow survive …
For death looks ferocious to them.
The lusterless deep sunk eyes,
Speak volumes of agonizing abuse,
The heart-breaking ignorant stance,
Reveal the pounded childish hearts,
Betwixt shores of survival and death
Imagine the torture and torment
That kills them almost every moment.

O Lord ! Shower a bit of your mercy
To fill the dark lives with a ray of hope.

Translation from English into Greek
By :: Takis Ioannidis, Greece


Βαθεία μέσα στα μύχια της μνήμης των παιδικών χρόνων,
όταν κρυφοκοιττάζω, 
αναπολώ τα λεπτο-κόκκαλα ορφανά
να κοιτάζουν μέσ΄ τους άδειους ουρανούς.
Τι ατυχία, τι ντροπή
Πράγματι μιά μελανή κηλίδα στον ανθρώπινο πολιτισμό.

Είναι άποψη αγάπης και ενδιαφέροντος
απο τις εγωκεντρικές καρδιές
που εξανεμίζονται μια για πάντα
στα βάθη του εγωισμού.

Αδιαφορώνταςγια τα στερημένα παιδιά,
Εγκαταλείποντάς τα στη μοίρα τους,
Υποχρεώνοντας τα στην λιμοκτονία και το θάνατο,
Ποιά είναι η ικανοποίηση απ΄αυτά;
Αδιαφορώντας για την μελαγχολική τους δοκιμασία.
Τα αξιοθρήνητα, ορφανά παιδιά,
πέραν του φόβου να ζούν δίχως αγάπη
επιζητούν κάποιον τρόπο να επιζήσουν….. 

 Ο θάνατος τους φαίνεται άγριος.
Τα βαθυσκότεινα μάτια τους,
μαρτυρούν αμέτρητες βασανιστικές κακοποιήσεις,
Η σπαραξικάρδια αδαής στάση,
αποκαλύπτει τις σφυροκοπημένες παιδικές καρδιές,
στις ακτές επιβίωσης και θανάτου του Μπετβίξτ
φανταστείτε τα βασανιστήρια και τα μαρτύρια
που τα θανατώνουν κάθε στιγμή.

Ω Θεέ! Χάρισε λίγο απο το έλεός Σου
να γεμίσεις τις σκοτεινές ζωές με μια ακτίνα ελπίδας.