World Interfaith Harmony week

world interfaith harmony week

First week of February every year: Spreading harmony and tolerance among followers of the three monotheistic faiths and all the world’s religions.
World Interfaith Harmony Week logoWorld Interfaith Harmony Week came about as a result of a UN resolution for a worldwide week of interfaith harmony proposed in 2010 by HM King Abdullah II and HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan.
It seeks to spread the message of harmony and tolerance among the followers of the three monotheistic faiths and all the world’s religions. It also seeks to promote the common basis of “Love of God and Love of the Neighbour, or Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbour” among religions to safeguard world peace. Its message invites everyone, excludes no one, and is purely voluntary.

Teresinka Pereira


Great persistence
we have working
a poem.
We never close
the shop door when
producing dreams.
There, in a corner
of silence and hope,
we are in labor
tangled verses,
our hands under
a swamp of sweat
transforming poems
into merchandise
to be sent inside
commercial packets
to the warehouses
of the world.

Teresinka Pereira, USA
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Happy new year

worldpeacepoetry new year wishes
Peaceful,Harmonious days

May the New Year 2014 usher in ever-new positive hopes with ever-new delights

and shower supreme and amazing prosperity that remain everlasting


Anarchistic Attacks

(Which characteristics to be raised, which challenges for our becoming common?)

French writer and social observer

It is at the 19th century, under the influence of the modes of opinion and the beginning of advent of the media, that the attacks in particular against people developed, in particular against sovereigns. Thus, Napoleon i (when he was First Consul), Louis Philippe and Napoleon III, other sovereigns in Europe knew attacks. Continue reading “Anarchistic Attacks”

The world interfaith harmony week

 The Winds of Interfaith Harmony

The World Interfaith Harmony Week commemorates with an objective to bring us all together on to a single platform for – SPREADING INTERFAITH AND HARMONY – among all of us. Let us celebrate this week by spreading this message across friends, well wishers and all other communities to understand each other and to love each other. ”

Tracy Lynn Repchuk, Canada

Tracy Lynn Repchuk
President and Founder
Canadian Federation of Poets


What I love most about poetry is that you can take a topic, a moment, observations, feelings, and express them – with no two being alike. You relate to your reader on a personal level; always exposing, vulnerable, and taking them into your thoughts. It is an intimate and all-consuming journey amidst humanity.

As the Canadian Federation of Poets founder and president, I have spent years dedicated to the resurrection and preservation of poetry, and from around the world I have encountered patrons who join me in this quest. Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy is one of those.

Poetry is a healing tool, an expressive outlet, combining faith and hope in a way to unite society in coming together for the greatest good. Like any art form, there are different kinds of artists who use it for alternative means, but it is the true observer who enlightens about their environment, in an appeal for betterment.
Twinkles is a book that combines many of the elements of life, and conveys them in a heart-felt manner from the poet’s perspective. Questions, anger, love, integrity, knowledge, seeking truth; it is a stepping-stone across a babbling brook with only the certainty of your step to guide you.

Tracy Lynn Repchuk
President of the Canadian Federation of Poets
Editor of Poetry Canada magazine

Maryse Schouella

– A White Lie contains 90% of the truth,
Uma mentira branca contem 90% de verdade,
Un mensonge blanc contient 90% de vérité,

– Doing good to others is surely not a duty,
It is a joy,
Increasing health and happiness,

Fazer o bom para os outros é certamente um dever,
É uma alegria,
Acrescentando saúde e felicidade,

Faire le bien aux autres est surement un sacré devoir,
C´est une joie,
Augmentant la santé et le bonheur.


Obrigada à todos,

Pela leitura, (Portuguese)

A vida é uma eterna chegada e uma partida,
Uma inda e uma vinda,
Uma saudosa lembrança,
Um aprendizado precioso,
Uma gratidão significativa,
Como um esquecimento,
As palavras-chaves são:

Filhos, Filhos, Filhos,
De qualquer espécie,
Os deficientes mentais,
São valiosas lições,
Capítulos fazendo parte de uns livros,
Permanecendo nas prateleiras das livrarias,
Nem sempre os pais tem à sua razão de ser,
Pelo fato que os filhos pertencem ao mundo,

Merci à tous,
Pour la lecture,(French)

La vie esr une arrivée éternelle comme aussi un départ,
Un aller-retour,
Un souvenir nostalgique,
Un apprentissage precieux,
Une gratitude significative,
Comme aussi un oubli,
Les mots-clés sont:

Enfants – Enfants – Enfants,
De quelque soit sa nature,
Les handicapés-mentaux,
Sont des unités précieuses,
Des chapitres des livres,
Qui font partie des étagères d´une librairie,
En général, les parents n´ont pas toujours leur raîson d´être,
Puisque les enfants appartiennent au monde,


Life is an eternal arrival as well as a departure,
A round-way trip,
A caring remembrance,
A precious apprenticeship,
A significant gratitude,
A forgetting,

The keywords are:
Children – Children – Children,
The Mentally-handicapped,
Are most precious units,
And chapters being part of books,
In the drawers of a bookshop,
Generally speaking,
parents do not always have any real justification,
As the children belong to the universe,

Poem by :  Maryse Schouella, Brazil,